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The Irish Haiku Society is a not-for-profit organisation promoting the writing and appreciation of haiku in Ireland. It organises readings, ginko, workshops and other haiku-related events.

Honorary Members


 James W. Hackett was awarded Honorary Membership of the Irish Haiku Society in 2007. Honorary membership of the IHS is bestowed on those who have provided outstanding service to the world haiku movement over a sustained period of time.

While accepting Honorary Membership James W. Hackett said: "It is especially meaningful in view of Ireland's literary tradition and my cherished Irish heritage."

James W. Hackett

Through the gossamer wings
of this still dragonfly
the blooming cosmos

Ant takes inventory
then lives without a crumb
to spread the news

Flying back and forth
through the supermarket,
a frantic sparrow

Beijing rush hour...
horse and cart heading home,
driver fast asleep

With each avalanche
of snow from the branches
an excited bird!

Such a humble bloom
on the ivy, yet see
how it draws bees

A bitter morning
sparrows sitting together
without any necks

From life in this world
spider runs over ashes
right into the fire

Twilight mountains
drifting on a quiet lake...
fish kissing the moon

Deep within the stream
the huge fish lie motionless
facing the current

The selection of haiku by James W Hackett reproduced with kind permission of the author. A bigger selection of his work is available at

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